Your Tax, Portugal and the NHR

The Non-Habitual Tax regime or NHR is designed to attract wealthy retirees with substantial pensions who will have big spending power in Portugal and Madeira. The NHR tax regime is also aimed at talented qualified working persons who either have technical or scientific skills that will help give Portugal international competitiveness. In July 2019 the […]

NHR in Portugal – Suitable NHR Applicants

Portugal introduced the None-Habitual Tax Regime or NHR in 2009 and it has been an outstanding success ever since. In this short article we are going to look at potentially ideal NHR applicants and explain why the regime is especially suitable for some individuals who perhaps had not been looking at Portugal or Madeira. Firstly, […]

NHR – The Personal Requirements for living in Portugal and Madeira

This article lays out the personal requirements and residential obligations for living in Portugal and Madeira. The article will also point out a surprising stumbling block that can catch out some who are interested in retaining property in their home countries or last place of tax residence. Five Years The NHR (Non Habitual Resident) tax […]

Living with the NHR Status

NHR in Portugal & Madeira For anyone who is considering applying for NHR or Non-Habitual Residence tax status, there is some important reporting information we think you should know before you make a property purchase, investment or change of tax residence to Madeira. Every potential applicant should be aware that their worldwide income and non-Portuguese […]